July 14, 2017

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July 24, 2017

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Get Happy Right Now

June 5, 2017


Did you know that kids smile 400 times per day, yet adults only about 12 times per day? Sad isn’t it? I honestly know some who rarely smile. So what has happened between then and now?  Silly question I know: as adults we have jobs, bills, children, illnesses and all other unexpected life stresses that come at us every day.


But…what if?  What if there was a way you could feel better? What if you could be happier? What if you could reduce your stress levels and it costs you absolutely nothing? I have a simple solution. SMILE and LAUGH!  


That’s right, smile and laugh!  Right now, I’m going to ask you to stop everything, go to a mirror, stand in front of it and smile for a few minutes. Smile and watch how your body starts to relax. Smile and sense the relaxation start to occur. Smile and watch your face light up. Sounds simple, right? It is.


Smiling is contagious. Ever see someone smiling at you just to smile right back?  People who smile not only look happy but also are very approachable, attractive and confident. These are just some of the reasons why you should smile every day.  Not only is smiling important, but laughing and having fun is also very important in order to live a happy and healthier lifestyle.

Did you know that laughing is therapeutic and one of the best medicines around?


Below are some of the scientific facts behind laughing.


Good for your brain. Laughter activates the pleasure pathways in the brain. PET scans show different areas of the brain are activated in response to positive and negative attitude.  Laughter releases the happy hormones (dopamine and serotonin) and is essential for the ability to repair brain cells and grow new ones.


Laughter also triggers the release of endorphins, the feel good hormone, and the body’s natural pain killer. Not feeling good? Stressed? Feeling anxiety? Find something to laugh about, a comedy, or a funny memory and soon you will start feeling a little bit better.



Good for the immune system. Studies show that laughter reduces the stress hormone cortisol and increases the T-cells, which are the cells that gobble up germs. So if you are stressed and need a release, laugh. Not only are you reducing some of that stress but you are actually strengthening your immune system!


Good for the heart. Laughing increases your heart rate and circulation, so it’s like inner jogging, an aerobic workout if you will.


Laughter and smiling is all around good for you. Let go of your anger and start to smile and laugh.  Make eye contact with someone and smile, surround yourself with positive people who keep you smiling and laughing. This will not only make you happy but will keep you calm and in a relaxed state.



Need someone to help you navigate into a whole foods approach so you can start feeling better?  Or help you to jump start an exercise program? I'm here for you.  Just email me at maryhpiper@charter.net and we can set up a complimentary consultation. 




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