Hi, welcome! I'm Mary Piper, Certified Health and Fitness Consultant.  For 18 years I was involved in the health and fitness industry as owner of Health & Fitness Magazine. I decided to sell the magazine and pursue my passion and become certified as a health and fitness coach so I can help and inspire others to start living a healthier lifestyle.  I motivate and educate people who want to transform their lives to become healthier and fit. I share ways to reshape nutrition and exercise habits to create an improved lifestyle. I help navigate my clients into a Whole Foods approach that will optimize their health.  I believe that combining healthy eating with moderate exercise is the formula for a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been into exercise and eating right all my life and it’s my passion and desire to help others. I work with small groups and organizations to educate and inspire them to improve their nutrition and fitness levels, which will lead to healthier, happier

and more productive lives. I also work with individuals to help them reach their health and fitness goals. I am a Health Coach certified by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute as well as having my certifications in Personal Training from AFAA, IAFP and TRX. I want to help you to energize your body and invigorate your life!