"I started working with Mary as a health and fitness coach with a goal to complete a 5K. I was 250 pounds and at 54 years old I settled for a walk/jog pace due to a setback of a knee injury and a short bout with vertigo.  

Mary started me off slow.  First with short walks and slowly progressed to a walk/jog for 1 hour 3 days/week. We incorporated swimming in our routine so by the end of the 3 month period I was swimming for a half hour and then a walk/run for the remaining half hour. I was feeling better than I had in years.

From an intake standpoint good or bad I religiously log my day in my fitness pal.  I have shared access to my diary with Mary, she was more of a coach than a disciplinarian “you know what you did right?”  In the end, increasing the activity level and being accountable to Mary for all actions help to make the destination more attainable. 

Mary’s education efforts and showing up at my home to workout helped me attain my goals at a realistic pace.  I completed my 5K after 3 months of training and lost 18 pounds. I was extremely appreciative of Mary and enjoyed having her as my coach.  I look forward to working with her again."

-Bob Cradic

"I've never been in better shape and it is all because of you. I'm always conscious of how I can be strong and actually push my body in ways it’s never been pushed before because of you."

-Julie Couret

"I'm Splenda free!

No more gum!

I'm reading labels more which is an eye opener for me!

Eating better and drinking more water makes me want to exercise more. Possibly the exercise is making me want to eat healthier. Whatever is doing what, I'm taking baby steps and I'm so thankful to Mary for the Healthier path I'm on!"

-Lisa Valentino Rockwell

"I've learned so much from participating in Mary's Healthy Lifestyle Challenges. I had no idea there were so many different ways to plank. In her videos, she demonstrates proper form and technique and makes it easy to follow along. Her tips for healthy eating have been a real eye opener for me. I read food labels very carefully now to make healthier choices. Mary has shown me that just making small changes can make a big difference in overall health. Thank you, Mary for sharing your invaluable knowledge with me. I look forward to your future challenges and healthy lifestyle tips."

-Elaine Kiefer

"I’m am 74 but have stayed active most of my adult life.  That includes years of karate, running and always weightlifting.  I was also an habitual back packer over twenty-four years.  I found Mary's various challenges a very good way to confuse my muscles and give me an added and needed boost to my weight routine.  Most were tough once past the midpoint but enjoyable.  It also showed me that in spite of my occasional use of the treadmill, I need to be in better aerobic shape.  And the same can be said about my abs.  For that reason, I have increased my treadmill time and continue to do your planking routines. 


Thanks so much Mary.  Old dogs can learn new tricks."

-Buz Kiefer